quality and technology

Since April 2007 the plant has been approved for retail trade with the EU member states and assigned with plant veterinary number PL 30214101WE.

In order to ensure safety of our kebabs and other meat products, we have implemented the HACCP system in our food safety management. The system ensures strict compliance with good sanitary and production practices (GHP and CMP).

We carefully select our suppliers of raw materials, technological additives, spices and other foodstuffs.
We conduct audits of our strategic suppliers to verify whether the food ingredients supplied to us are produced in compliance with proper sanitary conditions and the applicable laws.

Before any batch of food ingredients is accepted, each delivery is subjected to a careful manual and visual inspection. The temperature of meat is the key parameter thereof. It must not exceed: +4 °C for poultry, +6°C for red meat and - 18°C for frozen meat. This guarantees an unbroken cold chain and preserves the microbiological parameters of kebab, which in turn translates into the safety of our products. The high quality of our products is confirmed with microbiological tests performed by certified laboratories.

We monitor the quality of water on on-going basis. Regular water tests confirm its suitability for production in view of its microbiological, physical and chemical composition.

Our kebabs are carved by experienced butchers from Turkey. Under their supervision our Polish employees master the art of meat carving. Owing to the space arrangement in out the plant, we were able to design two separate technological lines for poultry and red meat. New production plant technologies, integrated cooling system, shock and storage freezers underlie optimal production and storage conditions for our kebabs.
Specialists in meat processing technology and quality assurance systems supervise the production processes. The management team makes their best efforts to ensure that our kebabs and meat products meet the most stringent quality and safety standards.